Station List


City Frequency Notes
Andalusia 89.7 FM Translator
Eufaula 88.9 FM Translator
Fulton 89.3 FM WJIK
Mobile - Citronelle 102.1 FM Covering Mobile, Alabama


City Frequency Notes
Augusta - Little Rock 97.7 FM Covering Central Arkansas, Western Tennessee, a small part of Northwestern Mississippi, and a smal part of South Missouri
Camden 1450 AM Covering parts of Southern Arkansas
Camden 97.9 FM Translator
El Dorado 89.7 FM Translator
Lake Village 95.9 Covering parts of Eastern Arkansas and Western Mississippi
Nashville 96.9 FM Covering Southwestern Arkansas


City Frequency Notes
Bishop 91.7 FM Translator
Palm Springs 90.9 FM Covering the Coachella Valley


City Frequency Notes
Key West 90.5 FM Translator
Mayo 89.5 FM WGSG Full Power - covers Lafayette County, Suwannee County, Hamilton County, Columbia County and reaches Taylor, Gilchrist and Madison County.
Panama City 91.7 FM Covering Panama City, Florida


City Frequency Notes
Dublin 90.9 FM Translator
La Grange 90.3 FM Translator
Waycross 90.7 FM Translator


City Frequency Notes
Carlinville 89.1 FM Translator
Crete 88.1 FM Covering South Chicago and Chicago Heights
Effingham 88.7 FM Translator
Freeport 91.3 FM Translator
Jacksonville 88.1 FM Translator
Kankakee 88.3 FM Covering Northeastern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana
Ottawa 88.9 FM Covering Ottawa, West La Salle, East Joliet, and North DeKalb


City Frequency Notes
Winfield - Wichita 91.9 FM Covering South Central Kansas and North Central Oklahoma


City Frequency Notes
Bastrop 88.3 FM Covering Bastrop, Monroe, and the Northeastern part of Louisiana
Baton Rouge 88.5 FM SonLife Radio Flagship Station
DeRidder 89.5 FM Translator
Grayson 91.9 FM Translator
Jonesboro 104.9 FM Covering Northern Louisiana
Lafayette - Church Point 91.9 FM Covering Southern and Western Louisiana
Many 91.3 FM Translator
Minden 91.1 FM Translator
Morgan City 91.5 FM Translator
Natchitoches 90.1 FM Translator


City Frequency Notes
Columbia 88.3 FM Translator
Grenada 95.7 FM Covering parts of Northwestern Mississippi
Bentonia - Yazoo City - Jackson 92.1 FM Covering Central Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana


Alexandria 91.7 Translator
Morris 90.5 Translator


City Frequency Notes
DeSoto - St. Louis 100.1 FM Covering Southern Missouri, parts of Eastern Missouri, and Western Illinois
Kirksville 88.1 FM Translator
Mountain Grove 91.7 FM Translator
St James 89.3 FM Translator
Springfield 91.5 FM Translator
Willow Springs 90.5 FM Translator

North Carolina

City Frequency Notes
Morehead City 91.9 FM Translator
Rockingham 88.3 FM Translator


City Frequency Notes
Beatrice - Lincoln 88.9 FM Covering South Central Nebraska
Grand Island - Hastings 90.7 FM Covering West Central Nebraska

New York

City Frequency Notes
Albion - Rochester 102.1 FM Covering North Western New York State
Lakewood - Jamestown 88.9 FM Covering Lakewood and Jamestown, NY
Corning 89.5 FM Translator


City Frequency Notes
Bowling Green - Toledo 730 AM Covering parts of Northern and Central Ohio, Eastern Indiana, and the Southern tip of Michigan.
Bowling Green - Toledo 106.9 FM FM Translator - Covering Bowling Green and the Toledo, OH area.


City Frequency Notes
Ada 88.7 FM Covering South Central Oklahoma
Guthrie 1490 AM Covering Oklahoma City, Edmond, and parts of Central and Northern Oklahoma
Bristow 104.9 FM Covering Bristow, Sapula, Cushing, Drumright. Okmulgee, Chandler and the southside of Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma City - Norman 89.3 FM Covering parts of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


City Frequency Notes
Chambersburg 89.7 FM Translator
Franklin 90.3 FM Translator
Lock Haven 89.3 FM Translator
Mansfield 91.5 FM Translator

South Carolina

City Frequency Notes
Andrews 88.7 FM Translator
Clinton 88.3 FM Translator
Manning 88.7 FM Translator
Winnsboro 90.9 FM Translator

South Dakota

City Frequency Notes
Brookings 89.7 FM Translator
Mitchell 89.3 FM Translator
Watertown 90.1 FM Translator
Yankton 91.1 FM Translator


City Frequency Notes
Graysville 95.7 FM Covering parts of Southern Tennessee and Northern Georgia
Pikeville 91.3 FM Translator


City Frequency Notes
Atlanta - Texarkana 100.1 FM Covering parts of Northeastern Texas, Northwestern Louisiana, Southwestern Arkansas, and Southeastern Oklahoma
Bonham 91.1 FM Translator
Columbus 91.1 FM Translator
Corrigan - Lufkin 99.3 FM Covering Corrigan and Lufkin, TX
Midland 91.7 FM Translator
Palestine 91.1 FM Translator